Teen Addiction Treatment

Teen addiction treatment is an addiction treatment program for teen substance abusers that considers each addicted teen as unique in their recovery needs as well as the unique needs and situations of teenagers who use or abuse drugs or alcohol in general.

Teenagers who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are struggling with an adult issue, yet their psychological and emotional needs differ from an adult’s. There are numerous treatment programs designed specifically to help teens and their parents and these programs can address teen addiction rehab, ongoing recovery, or building a healthier home environment not just for the teens, but for the whole family.

Experts suggest that teens suffering from addiction often need extended intensive therapies and also regular follow-up care for equally long periods. Having care provided for an extended period like this allows teens to build up their skills in a supportive environment before returning to life outside rehabilitation.

When dealing with teenagers, rehabs are often focused primarily around therapy. In teenagers with substance use disorders, biological factors play a huge role, with some segments of the brain usually showing underdevelopment or other abnormalities. This includes the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for setting goals, impulsivity, reasoning, and judgement. The nucleus accumbens is also still developing in teens, which explains their tendency for thrill seeking and sometimes reckless behavior. These factors, when combined with genetic and environmental factors, can shed light on why teens may be struggling with substance abuse and can help doctors better understand their circumstances.

Once treatment ends, support groups can help teens stay sober. These programs resemble Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous support groups and they can give teens a place to share their experiences with their peers.