Is Your Job Pushing You to Addiction?

According to data published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in 2015, there are some industries where alcohol or drug use are more prevalent that in others. While not necessarily a surprise, it’s interesting to see which people are more likely to develop a substance abuse problem and understand why.

Looking at the numbers, it seems miners are among the most likely to drink heavily, coming in at almost 18%, followed closely by construction workers at about 17%, while people working in the hotel or restaurant industry are most likely to abuse illicit drugs, coming it at about 19%, followed by people working in the arts and entertainment industry with about 14%.

Be it alcohol or drugs, it would seem that people who work in the hotel and restaurant industry generally abuse substances more than people in any other industry, being first among illicit drug users and third among heavy drinkers.

On a more positive note, people working in government, education, and health care seem to generally be among the least likely to be substance abusers, regardless of whether we’re talking about alcohol or drugs.

Working in one of the industries that is high on the lists doesn’t necessarily mean you will develop a substance abuse problem, but it does mean that there are more people around you who might encourage unhealthy behavior and thus increase your chances of developing a drug or alcohol problem.