5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself If You’re Thinking About Going to Rehab

It can be frightening to admit that you have a substance abuse issue, especially given the stigma surrounding addiction. You will usually be able to find several excuses to not got to rehab, but here are a few questions that if you answer “yes” to, you should seriously consider seeking professional help.

  1. Are you in danger? Do you find yourself passing out or on the brink of losing consciousness because of your substance use? If you’re putting your health or life in jeopardy, it’s time to seek help.
  2. Are you unable to quit drinking/using even for short periods? Do you find yourself always saying you’ll quit and then going back to drinking or taking drugs again? Do all your thoughts revolve around getting your next drink or fix?
  3. Are you taking risks? Do you engage in unsafe sex? Are you sharing needles or going to places you would consider unsafe in your sober state?
  4. Do the people in your life say you need help? If everyone in your life is saying you need to get help for your situation, you should probably listen.
  5. Are you putting your job or your education at risk? Are you drinking on the job or turning in assignments late because you’re too drunk or too high to function properly? Many people are afraid to get treatment because it would mean taking time off from work or school, but if you don’t get your addiction under control, you will likely lose your job or educational opportunities.

Other signs that you may have a substance abuse problem include lying about how much you drink, using substances as a coping mechanism, extreme mood swings and irritability, and feelings of guilt.

Addiction is a complex problem and it can affect every aspect of your life. Overcoming it requires reaching out for help, making changes in your way of life, dealing with your problems, and relating to others.

The path to sobriety is a difficult one and maintaining it while you get there has its own challenges. It takes hard work and dedication to successfully go through recovery and it’s important to use whatever tools at your disposal to achieve your goal.

Even taking the decision to go to rehab can be difficult and terrifying. It’s important to research what treatment options are available to you and find the right one for you. The first step, making the decision and seeking help is always the hardest; after that first step is made, everything will go smoother.